Riya Chadha

Riya Chadha Intro Image

Riya Chadha, Director of Seo Designs Private Limited, a very successful start-up of 2018. A 24 year old competent entrepreneur with a vision in her mind —her hardwork and unfeigned focus towards the success of her startup plunged her into the world of digital marketing and web designing where she eventually found her true calling. A proficient Director and Manager, now sharing her journey on Learn Earn Guru.

She has expertly managed the social media accounts for various clients and increased their revenue by analyzing and optimizing their operations in the right direction with the right strategies.

In Delhi, Seo Designs Pvt. Ltd has known to become the best web designing and digital marketing company, including Homelife (Canada), Camelman, Hopeland, Dr. Neha Malhotra, Balwant Exim, Kotler Impact, the World Marketing Summit, 7 Star pizzeria, and many other clients, and has now established a reputation. Besides this, Seo Designs Pvt. Ltd has been awarded the best Graphic & Website Designing Company at Delhi Talks 2018 Magazine.